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June 23, 2008


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Ah like da Dukes uh Hazzard and dat Road House movie.


I like the News and American Idol.


Redesigns are changes enabled by access to cool new publishing technology.

There is no technology that fixes the problem of readers not being interested in newspapers anymore, and journalists not knowing how to get them interested again.

So we get lots of snazzy wrappers on the same old fish.


Here's the thing -- they aren't spending big money on redesigns. I believe, based on what I read on Mr. Apple's blog, Orlando's was done in-house. I do agree that content drives design (I'm a designer, too), and a really good story makes my job SO much easier not to mention more fun.


Isn't this just like putting lipstick on a pig?

I'll be stunned if you get up 'real early' to count papers in the driveway. What will the neighbors think?


But the designers REALLY want it to work!

The real goal of most redesigns is for designers to handle less content. They don't understand the stories, and they hate them and fear them. This way, they like their jobs better.

Doesn't matter if the readers like the paper.

Ken Carpenter

Off the cuff demographic:

Gated community; same ZIP code as Tiger Woods; houses all have three-car garages; next door house sold recently for $579,000, down from $625,000 listing; bigger house down the street listed for around $900,000, no takers for several months; culturally diverse; lots of kids running around.

If there are 36 homes with a paper in the driveway tomorrow, I'll be stunned!

I was going to guess 15-20, maybe 25 percent.


Amen and amen. And I'm a designer.

I don't know the demographic of your neighborhood, but I'll guess 36 papers.

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