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September 05, 2008


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The Constructivist

Kenyon is certainly doing well on the Futures Tour, but in about as many events on the LPGA this season, she's made almost $10K less than on the FT! It'll be great news if she can avoid Q-School with a good finish this weekend--and even better if she can finish in the top 80 in '09.

I think a better option than paying players like Kenyon money the LPGA doesn't have is to set up a cross-cultural two-way mentoring program so that more monolingual English speakers have the same kind of opportunities Patti Rizzo and Jean Bartholomew had and Tamie Durdin and Nikki Campbell have on the JLPGA. Allowing the buddies to team up at pro-ams--and asking all the leading alternates and those who failed Monday qualifying to stay an extra couple of days to fill out the rest of the pro-am foursomes--would help international players loosen up and trust their English more.

I don't think it's a good idea to make players who may be bouncing back and forth between the LPGA and FT their entire careers the "corporate face" of the LPGA. What would be next? Hiring the Swedish Bikini Team or the local Hooters waitresses?

The bottom line is, the Tour has to do a better job of marketing its top players, whoever they are and wherever they come from.

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