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March 25, 2011


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There is a fine line. Maybe NHL players should start wearing plaid skirts?


Hi Ken,

Followed the link to your site from your comment on Damien Cox's post. Like most of the readers there, I think Cox has it wrong. I read your comment, though, and thought I'd post here to give you some feedback.

The only thing I agree with is that it was a blindside hit to a point. Although Olver does turn his head just in time for his face to meet Komisarek's shoulder, the Leaf was lining him up while his head was turned. Komisarek is fortunate that Olver turned at all.

But this was not interference. He clearly touches the puck which makes him fair game.

And it is not charging. Komisarek's feet aren't even moving. He's gliding, essentially, and Olver's path takes him into Komisarek's. The defenceman's terrible pass essentially put him in Komisarek's sights. Olver practically skates into Komisarek.

And while I applaud the idea of "checking" versus" "hitting", this was about as much of an open-ice "check" as you can get. Olver practically runs into Komisarek who doesn't have to do much in terms of explosiveness to knock him flat. (though he does explode into him at the moment of impact)

I've always hated the type of check I saw when I was younger where guys essentially give you a double punch to the mouth. That's not legal in my book, and yet I never saw it called. I give Komisarek credit for a nice, clean hit where he keeps his elbows down and uses his shoulder to make the play.

The REAL problem here, as it is in almost ALL of these devastating hits is the EQUIPMENT. When the heck is the NHL going to wise up to the fact that these guys have frying pans attached to their shoulders and elbows? I used to wear Mickey Mouse shoulder pads and would get bounced around quite a bit. When I bought new pads and upgraded to the more modern sort, guys bounced off me with regularity while I felt nothing. You'll never convince me that equipment makes no difference. I don't care if the guys are "faster, bigger and stronger" than ever - it's the equipment that is making the difference.

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